Domestic Employment Agency Los Angeles

For Candidates

Distinguished Domestic Services specializes in the representation of high-caliber, experienced private service professionals. In order for you to be considered for representation by us you must meet all of the following criteria:

    • Three years minimum professional domestic experience
    • Verifiable work references with valid phone numbers
    • A professional resume with dates of employment
    • Clear knowledge and understanding of the English language
    • Proof of ability to work within the United States
    • Valid driver’s license (issued in the United States)

Following our review of the preliminary form that you have submitted to us from our website, provided that you meet our criteria, we will send you our full application to complete. After completed, please contact us to arrange an interview with a senior partner at the agency. (If you do not live in southern California then we will conduct a phone interview with you after receiving your application.) Based on the results of the entire application process, we will match you with suitable job listings. As positions become available, we will contact you to set up interviews with the employer.

This process is not always a timely one. Many variables affect the domestic job market and there is no guarantee we will have a match for your needs. Please be patient and be aware we are looking for the best potential long-term situation for you and the employer. We do ask however that you call-in on a regular basis just to touch base and keep us aware of any changes to your employment or contact information.