Domestic Employment Agency Los Angeles

Property Manager (Los Angeles, CA)

We have a great client that is seeking a seasoned self-starter that is inherently self-motivated to manage two properties (a primary home and a secondary property nearby) in Los Angeles. Candidate must  thrive on working as a team in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment and look forward to growing with the position as it evolves.
Duties include, but not limited to**Subject to always change & evolve**:
  • Responsible property management and personal client standards and preferences
  • Take direction from multiple team members through email and text
  • Constant knowledge of client and staff routines and schedules
  • Collaborate with Senior Manager of Global Properties, Property Technology Manager and Lifestyle Manager to manage large vendor projects
  • Independently manage small vendor projects
  • Work with the Lifestyle Manager to plan small events
  • Oversee weekly housekeeping schedule, ensure accurate timekeeping for payroll, track approve PTO
  • Perform yearly performance reviews for housekeeping staff
  • Lead weekly staff meetings and maintain an accurate agenda
  • Confirm accuracy of vendor invoices and approve payments
  • Understand, use, and monitor all systems of a newly built, highly-technical home
  • Identify and implement preventative maintenance programs that minimize equipment failures/downtime
  • First responder on all equipment, appliances and alarm systems
  • Ensure exterior, interior and staff work spaces are kept to a high standard
  • Complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual maintenance checklists
  • Maintain accurate records of house systems (ex. track warranties, filter changes, appliance repairs, fire alarm servicing, maintain and update emergency supplies)
  • Maintain accurate calendar entries for all staff, maintenance and vendor events on property
  • Track status of ongoing repairs/maintenance/renovations and communicate updates to appropriate team members and clients
  • Manage organization and inventory of an offsite storage unit
  • Work closely with the Lifestyle Manager to understand client preferences and flow
  • Manage floral arrangements and placements
  • Complete pre-arrival and post-departure personal item checklists
  • Help record provisions and expiration dates on household items
  • Become an expert on the client’s personal items, specifically their closets and medicines,
  • Work closely with the Chef on food and drinks
  • Maintain detailed records of client placement standards for all items in the home
  • Coordinate shipping/receiving and dry-cleaning
  • Routinely pick up mail and packages at an offsite location
  • Take client’s direction on interior plants and home aesthetics
This is a full-time position:
  • If clients are in town or if there is a large project being worked on, the hours can change
  • Competitive salary depending on experience
  • Generous benefits package
  • Eligible for discretionary bonus
  • Comprehensive knowledge of G-Suite, Apple devices, iPhone apps, and technology as a tool for communication is imperative
  • Very strong communication and interpersonal skills through email, text, and in person
  • Fluent in English
  • Fluent in Spanish is a HUGE bonus
  • Reliable transportation, valid driver’s license and proof of insurance
  • This position requires onsite work
  • Proof of COVID vaccinations required
  • The first three months of employment will be a trial for the candidate and the employer to determine if it’s the right fit