Domestic Employment Agency Los Angeles

Nanny (Central Coast, CA)

We are looking for an easy-going Nanny that is a team player to assist our clients with their two children.  The clients are extremely involved with parenting their children and need an extra pair of hands while balancing work and life.  Must be able to travel (domestically and internationally).   Flexibility is key! Nanny may work with a team of 1-2 other Nannies during shift, or as the sole Nanny.  The agency has placed nannies with this amazing family in the past.  One who was there for almost 6 years and the other going on 2 years, it’s not a high turnover household.

Duties may include:

  • Oversee all extra curricular activities (including dance, sports, art classes, etc.)
  • Driving
  • Assist with scheduling tutors
  • Overseeing homework assignments
  • Know when to give parents alone time with children and know when to step in
  • Physically care for the children; bathing, cooking & feeding
  • Organize outdoor activities, arts & crafts, reading, play dates, etc.
  • Maintain a clean environment, such as organizing & tidying belongings, cleaning clothes, washing dishes, etc.
  • Shop for the children’s food and supplies
  • Travel with the family and managing the packing, unpacking and organization of the children’s clothing, medicines, toys and personal items
  • maintain a professional demeanor at all times
  • Communication is imperative to the parents and will be the foundation of a good working relationship
  • Be open and receptive to direction, feedback, and critique
  • Flexibility and adaptive to changes in procedures and schedules are of utmost importance

This is a full-time position:

  • Work days and hours may be long and will vary depending upon Employer’s needs
  • While you are on property you will be paid for all hours
  •  Overlap with additional nanny during shift changes
  • Housing will be provided while on-shift at the family’s primary residence
  •  Schedule will be rotating with on-shift work on property and off days at home
  •  Schedule can vary anywhere from 4-7 days on and then 4-7 days off
  • Extremely generous compensation with full benefits


  • Experience with children under 13 is required
  • Must be organized and enjoy working as part of team
  • Having prior experience traveling with a family
  • Must have excellent and verifiable past work references
  • Must have at least three years of experience working in an estate or private residence
  • Must be full vaccinated and boosted
  • Must be able to pass a strict background check
  • Employee shall be available to work the hours or days requested by Employer.
  • Employee must be willing and able to travel with Employer and Employer’s family members as requested by Employer. Employee shall render services at such times and places as may be designated by Employer for both personal and professional activities. Employer will cover all travel-related expenses.