Domestic Employment Agency Los Angeles

Laundress (Beverly Hills, CA)

Seeking a professional and experienced Laundress who is familiar with high-end fabrics, couture clothing, stain removal, mending, and all machinery related to Laundress duties.
Duties include, but not limited to:
  • Ability to read and interpret labels and determine correct cleaning protocol for laundry
  • Knowledge of laundry household appliance usage
  • Collect, sort and inspect laundry items
  • Launder, de-lint, fold, hang and put away clothes
  • Wash delicate and fine linen; air dry
  • Launder sheets, napkins, hand towels, tablecloth and iron using a rotary iron
  • Steam clothing
  • Iron clothing
  • Small repairs and sewing
  • Check laundry supplies and order early before supplies run out
  • Put away laundry in an organized and neat fashion
  • Ability to pack and unpack
  • Closet maintenance and organization
  • If Employers travel during a weekend, must be available to come to the house to assist with all clothing and packing needs
This is a full-time position:
  • Monday – Friday
  • $35 hour
  • Full benefits including health, dental, 401K
  • Must have worked with a large staff in a residential/estate setting
  • Must be available to come to the house to assist with all clothing needs on off hours if needed
  • Must have expert knowledge with all laundry-related machinery
  • Must have excellent past work references