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For the Employer:

After we have received a full job description we will begin our search. We will compile an information packet of our carefully pre-screened candidates for you to review. When you have selected the applicants you would like to meet we will help arrange interview times, consulting with you before and after each interview.

Once your ideal candidate accepts an offer of employment, we will provide you with the employee’s background checks (DMV, Social Security, criminal, civil litigation, and workers comp.) and our invoice, payable in full following a one week trial period of employment.

Our fee is 15% of the employee’s first year gross annual salary for all local placements (Southern California) and 20% for all placements out of our local area. Distinguished Domestic Services provides a 3 month guarantee for all positions. Should the employee leave the job within three months from the date of hire for any reason, we will provide an equally qualified replacement at no additional charge. (Please call for full details)

We pride ourselves in understanding the domestic employment relationship from the viewpoint of both employer and employee. We encourage our clients and their employees to contact us regarding any job related issues. There is never a charge for our advice!

For the Candidate:

Following the review of the preliminary application, qualified candidates must complete our full application package. When your paperwork is complete, we will contact you to arrange an interview with a senior partner at the agency. (If you do not live in southern California then we will conduct a phone interview.) Based on the results of the entire application process, we will match you with suitable job listings. As positions become available we will contact you to set up interviews with the employer.

If you are made an offer you are required to notify us immediately. All negotiations in regards to salary, benefits, and work schedule are done by us. We are your agents, this is what we do. If you accept the job offer then there will be a paid, one week trial period to be certain you and the employer are satisfied.

This process is not always a timely one. Many variables affect the domestic job market and there is no guarantee we will have a match for your needs. Please be patient and be aware we are looking for the best potential long-term situation for you and the employer. We do ask however that you call-in on a regular basis just to touch base and keep us aware of any changes to your employment or contact information.