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***Our office is currently closed, we are not sure when we will reopen.  We are doing our best to work remotely, but we will not be able to conduct interviews. Please email us with any questions:  We look forward to everything getting back to normal in a few more weeks. We wish health and safety to everyone.  Please practice social distancing and hand washing.  Prayers to you and your family. ***


Estate Manager (Los Angeles, CA)  Large staffed family home.  Current EM is leaving but will remain employed on a part-time basis indefinitely to train and assist with transition.  Oversee day-to-do operations.  Manage vendors and independent contractors for maintenance and repairs as well as major projects.  Oversee construction, home projects and budgets/invoices.  Maintain home systems (security/alarms/password management/AV and HVAC). On-board, instruct, supervise and review off-board of Household employees.  Manage vehicle maintenance, insurance and cleanliness.  Conduct inventory and procure household supplies (food, linens, bedding, kitchen wares, etc.)  Review household spending.   Prepare and train in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.  Manage pet care appointments and travel arrangements.  Maintain and update household procedures and manuals as needed.  Serve as an all-around gatekeeper, provide hospitality services, maintain household calendars.  Assist is planning all events from big to small, formal to informal.  Minimum five years’ of estate or hospitality management experience with at least 3 years’ experience with the same employer in the last five years. Polished, poised and professional.  Bilingual preferred but not required.  Must pass thorough background. Competitive Salary with full benefits.

Estate Manager (Austin, TX) Responsible for the operations of multiple Estates (all of which are in Texas)  including the day-to-day operations, all services, staff management, operations and projects.  Responsible for supervising and leading the staff to achieve the highest level of unparalleled professional service, physical care and operations sophistication. Servicing and anticipating Owner’s needs with professionalism and confidentiality, partner with operations committee, interface with security, manage operational budgets, oversee all OSHA safety rules and regulations.  Skills and experience:  advanced degree, specialized training or licensing required, college degree required, excellent financial and communication skills, previous experience working with contractors, architects, art/sculpture conservators, personnel management. Advanced computer skills and smartphone proficiency,  positive attitude required.  Private estate/hotel hospitality experience.  Will relocate for this position.  Competitive salary plus full benefit package.

Housekeeper (Bel Air, CA)  Housekeeper needed for a large, busy home with two children aged 3 and 6 (they have  Nannies, but please like children and not mind pitching in if needed).  Full-charge housekeeping and laundry.  Staffed home to include one additional part-time Housekeeper, one Houseman, two Nannies and a House Manager whom you will report to.  Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm plus two Saturdays per month 10am – 2pm.  $25 hourly.

Full-Charge Housekeeper (Los Feliz, CA)  Family of three and 2 large, friendly dogs.  Large home.  Full-charge of all cleaning and laundry.  Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm plus two Sundays per month 10am – 3pm. $25 hourly.

Housekeeper (Century City, CA) Seeking a well-versed, easy going, no drama Housekeeper to work as part of team in a fully-staffed home.  Full-charge housekeeping, laundry, setting a proper table.  Pet friendly, there are two small dogs and you will be responsible for feeding and walking.  Direct report to the Estate Manager, all housekeepers are on the same level.  Must work every Saturday as well as two Sundays per month.  On the weeks that you don’t work Sundays you will have Sunday and Monday off.  On the weeks that you work Sundays you will have Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Sunday and Monday hours are 12:00pm – 8:30pm and Thursday – Saturday 7:30am – 4:00pm.  Looking for an upbeat and discreet professional.  $28 hourly, two weeks paid time off annually, health insurance.

Nanny (Beverly Hills, CA)  Seeking an energetic Nanny to oversee two active children (4 and 2).  You will work with a team of three Nannies.  Current open schedule is Saturday 7am – Monday 9am.  On occasion you will be asked to work on Mondays too (if a child is home sick, if there is no school that day, etc.)  The job will also require a very flexible schedule to be able to fill in for other Nannies while they are out ill or on vacation in addition to being able to travel with the family.  Wonderful family to work for, other employees have been there a long time.  Approximate salary comes to 65K annual.

Housekeeper (Seattle, WA) Experienced Housekeeper needed to be a part of staff, direct report will be to the Executive Housekeeper.  Local candidates only.  Responsibilities to include:  cleaning of interior spaces, shopping for household items, maintenance of kitchen area and food and grocery inventory, laundry and dry cleaning management, assist with closet management, assisting with preparation for events and special projects.  You have a minimum of six years’ related experience working in high-end luxury homes as well as working as a team member.  Monday – Friday (40 hour work week) Hourly employee DOE plus full benefits.

Wardrobe Manager (Seattle, WA) Seeking an experienced individual who has worked with high-end clothing.  Duties to include:  closet management, organizing for family members, packing/unpacking, running errands and making purchases for clothing related items, clothing maintenance, inventory of wardrobe, assisting with special outfits for events, collaborating with Stylist to pull appropriate wardrobe items.  You have a minimum of ten years’ experience with high-level organization, professional wardrobe and/or styling experience.  Days and hours will vary depending on client’s schedule.  Travel to other residences will be expected.  Live local to Seattle, no relocation at this time.  Salary DOE plus full benefits.

Executive/Personal Assistant (Pacific Palisades, CA)  A very busy professional mom is seeking a quick-thinking, sharp individual who possesses a hospitality/service industry background, to work with her hand-in-hand in the home office of her very busy, fully staffed home.  The Ideal candidate will be articulate and an excellent communicator with experience working in a corporate environment and dealing with high-level administration but can easily shift into a PA and deal with any personal items that may arise.  Be computer savvy and having experience with non-profits and payroll would be a plus.  Being comfortable in a fast-paced environment, that can be responsive with the ability to quickly change direction and a gear is essential.  College degree preferred.  Salary DOE plus full benefits.

Housekeeper (Santa Monica, CA) PART-TIME.  Some childcare for 9 and 6 year olds, so please be child-friendly and like to engage with children.  One small sweet dog must be pet friendly.  Responsibilities:  Housekeeping (attention to detail), laundry, run errands (grocery shopping, dry cleaning, etc.), occasionally prepare evening meal, arrange for outside vendors to come in for various repairs and/or various cleaning projects.  Mom is home, but if she leaves for an errand, you will be responsible for watching the children; we want someone fun and engaging.  Extra hours may be offered for evening or weekend babysitting. Must be in good physical health with lots of energy as there are many stairs in this house.  Very sweet and nice family to work for.  Four weekdays (flexible) 2pm – 7pm.  $20 hour or more DOE

Assistant House Manager (Bel Air, CA) Seeking an Assistant House Manager/Personal Assistant with great organizational skills to support the Estate Manager as well as the family members.  This is a very large staffed residence.  Duties to include (but not limited to) calendaring, scheduling of staff and vendors, running various household errands as required, be eyes and ears of EM when she is not on property, oversee purchases and inventory of supplies, event planning, obtain estimates/proposals for household purchases and repairs, communicate with security guards for visitors and deliveries, create and maintain daily schedule, create spreadsheets, prepare end-of-day report to be delivered to the Estate Manager daily.  Must present with a professional appearance and be a fast-learner.  Please have working knowledge of Outlook and calendar sharing. Generally Monday – Friday 40 hour work week, will be expected to be “on-call” with emails/texts after hours as needed.  Salaried $70K with benefits.

Cook/Kitchen Manager (Santa Monica) A large and busy family is seeking a Cook to assist with running the kitchen.  Clients use a “drop off” service for many meals, mostly for adults, so must be able to present, plate and serve previously prepared meals along with the ability to cook when meal service not used.  Most cooking will be for children (there are lots of them) but adult service may also be requested.  You will also be responsible for some of the shopping, organization of the entire kitchen, including but not limited to rotating pantry, fridge and freezer and keeping track of all expired items.  There are other employees who will also assist you with some of the kitchen duties.  Days/Hours to be determined.  $30 and up DOE plus full benefits.

Housekeeper (Santa Monica) Looking to add another Housekeeper to a fully-staffed home, some of whom have been there a very long time.  This is a very active large home with lots of children (they have Nannies) but you must be kid-friendly.  The house is zoned into areas so each Housekeeper is responsible for their own area.  Please be a team-player and be able to do your job with a smile without getting into, or creating any drama.  Sunday – Thursday 7:45AM – 4:15PM (Friday and Saturday off)  or work two weekend days, if available, and take two weekdays off.   $30 hourly plus full benefits.

Laundress (Bel Air, CA) Looking for an exceptionally skilled Laundress who is familiar with high-end fabrics as well as laundry appliances and machines.  Picking up clothes from hampers and then distributing back to the closets where they belong as well, closet maintenance, you will also be expected to assisted the Housekeeping team when requested.  Must be fine and happy doing laundry most of your shift.  Most all laundry is done in house with a few exceptions which are sent to dry cleaners (which you will also be responsible for creating a log).  There are 4 washers and 4 dryers in the home.   Family of five with three teenagers.  Monday – Friday 7:30 – 3:30 (possibly 8:00 – 4:00) $35 hourly plus full benefits.

Laundress (Brentwood, CA)  Seeking a highly-experienced Laundress who has knowledge of taking care of fine fabrics and designer clothing for a busy family of three adults.  The home is fully-staffed, so working well as part of team is important. Other duties will be expected daily as laundry is completed. Monday – Friday 1:30pm – 9:30pm.  $30 hourly plus full benefits.

Laundress/Housekeeper (Pacific Palisades, CA) Seeking an experienced Laundress/Housekeeper who will work well in a team in a large, fully staffed residence, five person family.  Share responsibilities with other Laundress and two other Housekeepers to keep the home in pristine condition.  Monday – Friday 40 hour work week, $30 hourly plus full benefits.

Housekeeper/Cook (Beverly Hills, CA)  Looking for a LIVE-IN housekeeper to work Tuesday – Saturday in an adult home with 2 dogs.  There are two other Housekeepers and a House Manager already in place.  Cleaning, cooking, laundry and overall assistance. Salary up to 60K.